In 2023, The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association established a BBQ AMBASSADOR AWARD where the board recognizes an outstanding individual within the BBQ community who has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to welcoming and nurturing newcomers while imparting their knowledge and passion for the art of barbecue. This award serves as a tribute to those who go above and beyond to foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, helping newcomers feel at home and instilling in them a deeper understanding of the BBQ culture.

This award acknowledges the crucial role that mentorship and community-building play in the world of BBQ. It encourages a culture of inclusivity and knowledge sharing, inspiring both the recipient and the entire BBQ community to continue fostering an environment where every enthusiast feels welcomed, supported, and empowered to explore the art of barbecue.

The BBQ Ambassador Award is a testament to the belief that barbecue is not just a culinary tradition but a community united by a shared passion and a willingness to pass on the flame of knowledge to the next generation. This award serves as a reminder that in the world of BBQ, the embers of mentorship continue to burn brightly, guiding the path of newcomers on their flavorful journey.

BBQ Ambassador Honorees

- 2023 -

Christopher Kelly

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