PNWBA Certified BBQ Judge Classes

Looking to taste some of the best BBQ you've ever had? Join our group of certified judges to be eligible to judge BBQ and a PNWBA sanctioned event. To become a certified judge, just attend on of our judging classes provided by PNWBA every year. Our classes are just a one-day event, where you can learn the following:

  • Learn about history of BBQ and competition BBQ.
  • Learn about the different competition meats turned in
  • Learn how to score an appearance of an entry
  • Learn how to score the texture of an entry
  • Learn how to score the taste of an entry
  • Learn how to provide constructive comments for entries to help assist teams in understanding how it was scored in order to improve.
  • Learn scoring procedures
  • Evaluate sample entries to simulate an actual event

Upcoming Judging Classes

Interested in becoming a Certified PNWBA BBQ Judge? Interested in upping your pitmaster skills?

You can add your name to the general notification list for upcoming judging classes by adding your name to the list to the PNWBA CERTIFIED BBQ JUDGE CLASS NOTIFICATION AND WAIT LIST.

If you would like more information about judging classes and potential schedule or locations, click the button below to send an email to our training committee.

PNWBA is planning on holding classes during 2024 to help you become a better BBQ pitmaster and to expand our group of certified BBQ judges. But we need your help!!

We are looking for recommendations for locations/facilities to hold either or both of these classes.

For our pitmaster class we need an outdoor location where we can set up gear to cook, has power, water, preferably a kitchen, and plenty of space to set up a “classroom” type environment. This might be a parking lot, private property, restaurant, or commercial location. We are also looking for a couple of teams to “teach” the class and assist/cook for the class, along with helpers.

Our judging class needs an indoor location with space for approximately 30 “students” to sit (at least 5-6 tables with 6 seats at each table), power for our AV equipment, an area for the preparation of turn in boxes, a kitchen, and a good environment for judging. We need a couple of teams to do the cook for the class, table captains, and some seasoned judges to assist with the class itself.

For both classes we must have restroom facilities, dumpsters, and we would need access to the location/facility from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

If you have a recommendation for class locations, are a team willing to help with either cook, or just want to volunteer to assist, please respond to this email with the details. We will get back to you and let you know how we are going to proceed.

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