IRS W9 Tax Form

If you are competing and have not submitted an electronic IRS W9 form for each year for the PNWBA, please complete by using your web browser and visiting

We suggest using a computer web browser instead of a mobile device. Make sure all fields are completed, especially the SSN or TIN if a business.

The online W-9 is secure and storage of your information in the W-9 is only referred to by the PNWBA Treasurer. 

The PNWBA follows the IRS requirements to send a 1099-Misc form and report to the IRS in the event the prize monies paid by PNWBA to you are $600 and over at one time or over the course of each tax year.

Important: A W-9's must be completed and received prior to site inspection, so please do this right away. We want to have these in place so that checks do not need to be held during awards or delayed.

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