2023 BBQ, Brews & Brats

  • 09/29/2023
  • 10:00 AM
  • 10/01/2023
  • 7:00 PM
  • Enumclaw Expo Center 45224 284th Ave SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022
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SEPT 30th through October 1st, 2023

Registration Deadline: September 14th, 2023

This is a family-friendly, PNWBA sanctioned, 4-meat BBQ competition combined with several local craft breweries and live music! BBQ competitors will have the opportunity to sample your BBQ expertise to compliment the beer tasting to the public.

On-site will be: BBQ Competition and Sampling, Live Music, Beer Sampling, Kids Zone/Games, Shopping with Local Vendors and MORE!!

Event Grounds Amenities: There are plenty of restrooms on site and close to the competition area. Garbage service to come around to each site regularly. Plenty of 15-amp, 120V power and grease and ash disposal. Site will be 20x20 Standard OR 20x30+ sites if needed for dry camping in your larger trailer or RV. Secured, fenced fairgrounds with and evening security and parking inside the fence for 24/7 access.

The event can handle 35+ teams.

Event Management:

  • Organizer: Rene' Popkey and Jacyln VanHoof / Enumclaw Expo Center
  • PNWBA Board Representative: Bill Stock
  • PNWBA Head Judges: Lance Rasmussen & Steve Rubin

Event Contacts:

  • Lance Rasmussen - Email: lance@pnwba.com Phone: (206) 601-2337
  • Steve Rubin - (206) 412-0877 cell / message / text. Email: rubin.s@comcast.net
  • Bill Stock - Email: bill@pnwba.com
  • Rene' Popke - Email: renep@enumclawexpo.com Phone: (253) 740-4153
  • Jaclyn VanHoof - Email: jaclynv@enumclawexpo.com Phone: (253) 740-4153


  • Pork
  • Brisket
  • Chicken
  • Ribs

Total Prize Purse:


Prize Pool:

  • Grand Champion - $800
  • Reserve Grand Champion - $400
  • Each Category:
  • 1st - $210
  • 2nd - $190
  • 3rd - $170
  • 4th - $150
  • 5th - $140
  • 6th - $110
  • 7th - $90
  • 8th - $70
  • 9th - $50
  • 10th - $30

IRS W-9:

The person payable from each team must have a completed W-9 on file with the PNWBA filed on our electronic W-9 service during the 2023 season prior to competing at this event as the prize checks are issued by PNWBA. For sampling payouts, you may be required to complete an additional W-9 directly with Enumclaw Expo Center.

Load In:

Friday Sept 29th, 2023 5pm until 8:00pm or Saturday Sept 30th from 7am to 10am.

Site Inspection:

PNWBA Site Inspections: Saturday 9am to 3pm according to PNWBA guidelines.

Health Department: Washington Food Handlers Permit Required for ONE member (Team Leader). Health Department may come around Saturday morning prior to sampling. King County, Temporary Food Permit will need to be submitted 14 days prior to event.

Fire Department: Fire Marshall “may” be walking through the event and verify and fire code violations (fire extinguishers, nothing flammable around cookers, etc.)

Cooks Meeting (Required):

Saturday, Sept 30th 5:30 pm
At least one member of your team is required to attend the cooks meeting.

Quiet Hours:

10:00pm to 6:00am

Jack Shot:

Sunday, Oct 1st @ 10:00am

Turn-In Schedule:

  • Pork - 10:55:00 am to 11:04:59 am
  • Brisket - 10155:00 am to 12:04:59 pm
  • Chicken - 12:55:00 pm to 1:04:59 pm
  • Pork Ribs - 1:55:00 pm to 2:04:59 pm
Sunday turn-in window is a 10 minute window.


Sunday, Oct 1st at 5:30pm on the mainstage (Subject to change)

Load Out:

Sunday, Oct 1st following the awards.



- One team member must have current WA food handler card.

- Teams shall adhere to all Health Department requirements. Health Department will be inspecting on Saturday.

- Tokens will be sold via the Enumclaw Expo Center.

>- Items should be 1, 2 or 3 tokens depending on item. Sampling should be small 2 oz portions not meals or large portions.

- Tokens have a $2 value and will be the PNWBA Wooden Tokens.

- Teams keep 75% of sampling token value. Event will keep 25% of sales proceeds.

- Checks will be written directly by the Enumclaw Expo Center to the teams for sampling moneys by the end of the Sunday event. You may be required to complete a separate W-9 between the team and Enumclaw Expo Center. 

Health Department Requirements:

  • A “Temporary Food Permit” for King County will be required to be filled out and submitted to the event organizer NO LATER than FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15th, 2023.

  • The Event Organization is covering the temporary food permit fees.
  • The “Temporary Food Permit” will be emailed to individuals after sign-up from the event organizers.

Team Requirements:

Review the PNWBA rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of each team’s leader to read and understand these rules and regulations prior to the competition. Please go to www.pnwba.com/Cooks-Rules and download the information.

  • If you are a new team to the world of competitive BBQ, please visit www.pnwba.com/New-Team-Info for more information. As always, contact the PNWBA or the board representative (Bill Stock) for any questions or concerns.

Power - Each team will have access to a 20-amp, 120V power lead. It is up to the TEAM to be responsible for power use and if more power is required then we highly suggest bringing a back-up power source like a quiet generator. Things like multiple pellet cookers, electric heating sources, etc.

Water - This will be provided in various locations near the cook sites.

Trash disposal – There will be garbage containers close to the cook areas AS WELL AS garbage collection by the grounds coming around to each pit area on a regular basis for pick-up.

Ash disposal – There will be designated ash dumps on location.

Grease disposal – There will be a designated grease dump on site for grease.

Grey water disposal – There will be a gray water disposal location near the cook sites. This is to be used for gray water ONLY and free of large food chunks and scraps.

Restrooms - Multiple restrooms available around the cook area.

Registration Fee:

Team entry fee is $195.00 USD and is non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation by the event coordinator, $182.50 will be refunded from the entrant’s payment. Regardless of the situation, a designated amount of $12.50 from the entry fee is non-refundable to cover payment and event processing expenses.

Registration Payment Due:

Team entry fees must be paid at the time of registration.

Site Utilities:

  • Power - provided by venue, but if you are dependent on power it is recommended to bring a backup source.
  • Potable Water - provided by venue
  • Trash disposal – provided by venue
  • Ash disposal – provided by venue
  • Grease disposal – provided by venue
  • Grey water disposal – provided by venue

Team Site Size:

20x20 – If you require a larger footprint or can fit in a smaller footprint, contact Bill Stock after signing up to the event.


Enumclaw Expo Center
45224 284th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022


The area has several hotel options.

There is an RV park that is separate from the competition area and just outside of the fenced “fairgrounds” within sight of the competition area. If you would like to utilize this for lodging, then please go to https://www.enumclawexpo.com/p/camping to book reservations ASAP!! This weekend is VERY busy with all the activities and sites will go quickly!

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