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Feed The Troops - Fairchild AFB 2022

  • 07/29/2022
  • 1:00 PM
  • 07/30/2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Fairchild Airforce Base, Spokane, WA


  • Register as a cook that can come with a large smoker.
  • If you can help load in and prep the food Friday as well as help serve, clean up and help load out Saturday, select this option.
  • Volunteers to can only help serve food Saturday and help with cleanup and load out.

    Important note: The more hands available to assist with cleanup and loading out, the quicker and easier to do so. In past years, there has been times when it's been a skeleton crew doing the cleanup and load out, which puts an undo burden on those volunteers. We ask that you please stick around to help.
  • Volunteers who can only help load in, setup and prep and rub ribs and pork shoulder Friday late afternoon and evening.

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Calling for volunteers and cooks to help with the 2022 Feed the Troops event at Fairchild AFB on July 30th, with setup on July 29th. This is not limited to PNWBA members. We encourage everyone who would like to thank our active military at Fairchild AFB as well as their spouses and family. We have had upwards of 1,000 folks fed each year.


  • Cooks with large smokers
  • Volunteers to help load in and setup Friday afternoon
  • Volunteers to help prep and rub ribs and pork shoulder Friday late afternoon and early evening.
  • Cooks to cook the meats and beans
  • Volunteers to help prep cole slaw and other fixings.
  • Volunteers to help serve food to the airman and their families Saturday late morning through early afternoon.
  • Volunteers to help take down and load out Saturday afternoon. (Highly needed because in past, there has been less help in this very important task)

Dave Adams is the new organizer and point of contact for the Fairchild Feed, taking over for Leroy Payne. Dave has been long involved in the feed for many years.

You will need to complete the form here which contains some covid questions and return a copy of your enhanced ID or copy of SS Certificate or passport to Dave Adams at If you have a military ID, please also send a copy. The information must be sent by July 6 in order for the base to do clearance check.

If you have any questions, email Dave Adams at the above email address. If you prefer to mail the required information, contact Dave for address.

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