Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

The Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of barbecue in the Northwest.The PNWBA is committed to educating the public in the furtherance and development of authentic barbecue knowledge through cooking classes, judging classes, and competition barbecue cooking events. Our organization is managed by a Board of Directors who are made up completely with volunteers.


Upcoming Events

Aug 11
Oack Harbor Pigfest
Pioneer Way Between HWY 20 & City Beach Rd.


2018 Team Of the Year Standings

Team NameRankTOY# of Events
Warpig BBQ17436
Slow Porkin BBQ26986
Bad Bones BBQ36415
Smoke 32446224
Dances With Smoke55985
Wine Country Q65805
Smokin Bocks75546
Rusty's BBQ85424
Booties BBQ94044
Team NamePork TOY
Warpig BBQ144
Slow Porkin BBQ142
Bad Bones BBQ138
Rusty's BBQ98
Smoke 32492
Dances With Smoke92
Smokin Bocks88
Booties BBQ72
Powder Hogs52
Team NameBrisket TOY
Slow Porkin BBQ150
Warpig BBQ142
Wine Country Q128
Smoke 324116
Dances With Smoke110
Bad Bones BBQ98
Smokin Bocks96
Rusty's BBQ94
Fahrenheit 25062
Team NameChicken TOY
Dances With Smoke132
Warpig BBQ122
Smoke 324118
Wine Country Q110
Rusty's BBQ110
Bad Bones BBQ108
Smokin Bocks94
Slow Porkin BBQ88
Booties BBQ88
Team NameRibs TOY
Wine Country Q126
Warpig BBQ122
Slow Porkin BBQ122
Smokin Bocks120
Smoke 324112
Bad Bones BBQ110
Dances With Smoke92
Booties BBQ90
Rusty's BBQ76

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